Locations & Masterplan

Heartwork Location

As the future is heading east, Heartwork's Location is central as it is a part of iCity at the heart of New Cairo overlooking the middle ring road a location that is very strategic for buisiness owners.
  • - 2 Minutes from the suez road.
  • - 2 Minutes from Mostakbal City.
  • - 10 Minutes from New Capital.
  • - 15 Minutes from AUC campus.
  • - 25 Minutes from Cairo airport.

Heartwork Masterplan

Heartwork is a gated international business hub, designed to afford high levels of luxury and convenience. Built on 38 acres with wide green areas accompanying the office buildings and ensuring a breathtaking view for each building. The project’s design ensures the accessibility between the office buildings and the facilities through long boulevards and jogging tracks. And having DH Campus at the heart of the project for all occupant’s access. Moreover, the DH Campus is going to host the first DH Office in the Middle East. Emphasizing on the importance of the 4 pillars of happiness (Body - Heart - Mind - Soul), the different phases were named accordingly. Each phase has its unique characteristics reflected in the activities and facilities.
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