The Birth of Heartwork

January 28, 2020

As amusing as it sounds, Egypt now holds the very first business complex in the world that embodies the Science of Happiness. Heartwork believes in the power of its initiative in the market by delivering the hubs of joys, and its granted productivity. The demand has been overwhelming since its launch, and their promise is not to only provide such a space but also to continue the growth and development of a happier business community.

The reinvention of experience has been the cornerstone of the 21st century. Areas of our daily lives have been opened up for innovation. The breadth of experience reinvention shows widespread change; such that 71% of millennials polled by Zapier believe the traditional office will be “obsolete” by 2030. The office space of the future is a revolution that caters to and cares for the individual user, beyond doubt.

It started 4 years ago with an initiative by Mountain View to transform their work environment through brand new HQs in New Cairo. …to be happy and to make those who surround us happy is the core of everything we do. reads their unique mission statement which inspired the commission of Delivering Happiness™ (DH™) along with the world’s top design firm for business projects, CallisonRTKL, for this project. DH™ are the pioneers of work culture change with 15+ years of experience, impacting over 350 organizations across the globe including Facebook, Starbucks and the Government of Dubai.

DH™ has proven exceptional outcomes in sustainable workplace environments globally. The siren song of motivational workspaces is extremely powerful, and crunched numbers demonstrate an increase in work productivity of 21% and a 37% increase in sales with Delivering Happiness™.

By the time the Science of Happiness & Design was applied to Mountain Views HQ’s, Mountain View had already began ideating a set of collaborations with their global partners to further their mission of spreading happiness to those around them. At the Future Offices Summit 2019 in Cairo, Mountain View Chairman and CEO, Amr Soliman, announced along with Jen Limm, CEO of DH, and Kelly Farrel, President & CEO of CallisonRTKL announced a Building Happiness Index which will help evaluate buildings globally based on scientific drivers of employee happiness, as well as the opening of DH’s branch in Egypt serving the Middle East.

Meanwhile, as the tremendous outcome of the new HQs on retention, absenteeism and overall employee satisfaction became clear, more and more employers yearned to steer full speed ahead onto the glorious shores of workplace positivity in Egypt, which uncovered the need for a positive work haven, hence the birth of Heartwork.

Heartwork's inspiration is the global people-focused culture that drives all modern innovation. The first international business hub in Egypt, and the first such embodiment of the science of happiness, revolves around nurturing the heart, mind, body and soul. These four nurturing fundamentals act as a guide for the design and activities shared by all members of the community from petite startups to fashion houses and tech giants. The DH campus which is the core and the heart of the project, leverages the power of happiness and design to encourage a fostering environment without limitations, where you could make use of networking opportunities, masterclasses, and attend yoga morning classes.

The adaptable workspace at the hub were designed mindfully to gives depth and value to your daily work routine, from meetings to work gatherings, brainstorming sessions and breaks.

What is clear is maintaining high levels of positivity and diversity in the workplace is a no brainer — and utilizing office design to aid these efforts can make employees feel valued, respected and, most importantly,  HAPPY :)

The revolutionary working culture is on its way! See ya, crammed cubicles! Ta ta, depressing meeting rooms! We’re going to Heartwork!

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